Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rag Crew Sock Rug

A while ago I posted about taking my guys crew socks and collecting them, having three men in my house gives way to lot of used socks that get holes in the toes or heels. At first I thought I would knit something with the rag ball, but I soon figured out its too large a fabric to do that and size 17 knitting needle are too uncomfortable for my rather small and chubby hands. What's girl to do, well, maybe experiment with woven rag rug.
I warped my loom with my 7.5 dpi heddle, and threaded every other slot, I figured I needed the spacing to accommodate the knots and thickness of the "sock" yarn. Once I was happy with the threading and tie up, I then thought "oh my God" I don't have one of those nifty rag rug shuttles. So I came up with this gem, she was a really beauty, and after crazy glue, glue gun and rubber bands she was ready to go! But, duh, it doesn't fit in my shed, I failed to realized that she, my beloved, CVS inspired shuttle was a bust. Oh well that was not going to deter this effort, especially after cutting up what I felt was a trillion sock loops. I wound my sock loops on to my regular shuttle if only a few feet at a time, the best part was that I could tie the one end to the new warp and continue.

After about 2 hours, I was done, the rag rug came off the loom along with a gazillion (really not exaggerating on bit) fuzzy stuff. into the wash and dry. And out popped this amazingly soft and fluffy with out the fuzzy stuff rug.

And a close up of the weaving and nobbles

I'm in love and so are my feet.

Reed 7.5 dpi

Warp= Elmore Pisgah (Peaches & Creme) 4 ply - dye lot - 180 Peppercorn Ombre 300yds.

Weft = Used Crew Socks cut into loops.

Final Rug Measurements after wash = 24" x 28"


Delighted Hands said...

Who woulda from the mundane! Great!

Life Looms Large said...

That is such a great idea!! I feel a little bad now for throwing away a steady stream of holey socks. Jim's socks are grey (on purpose from the factory - not from the wash!). Hmmmm. Good idea!


Leigh said...

I love it! Perfect for bath mats. What an excellent idea about the socks. I had thought about what to do with old socks but your post was perfect. There's only two of us at home now, but I can probably pick up old socks easily at thrift shope.

Benita said...

So the knots don't hurt your feet?


Benita, they don't hurt you can't even feel them, I washed the rug and added softener and no problem so far.