Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Alpaca Yarn

This is the final purchase of yarn for me this year ::sigh:: the yarn was on clearance for only $ 3.99 a hank, I couldn't resist and have the perfect lightweight cardigan pattern for it. I promised Mr. Deepend that I would not buy anymore yarn until I put a dent in the current stash, I have promised this before and failed with panache, but this time it has to be a commitment. Mr. Deepend's company is reducing salaries yet again, but keeping the employees and still paying for health insurance, which in a way is a double edged sword. You are thankful for not standing at unemployment and having health care, but also trying to figure out how to be able to pay for all the things you have without going broke or dipping into the savings every month to compensate.

I've been carrying it around with me to work and back(in my knitting bag I knit at lunch time) so I can touch it, I just can't believe this fiber is so so soft and lovely. I can't wait til I start the new cardi, as I have finished my Hermia sweater that I wanted to wear for Thanksgiving, and I can! I'm so excited that I completed it, well it needs hemming, washing, iron (I want to kill the acrylic) and button, but really it's finished ;0)

I hope everyone has a great weekend, don't eat too much candy!!


Life Looms Large said...

It's funny that as soon as I read "the final purchase of yarn for me this year", I thought - how does she know? But then you went on to explain.

I like that when you've failed in the past, you've failed with panache!

I hope that you can keep your commitment, but I hope even more that the company's woes are reversed soon so you can go off your yarn diet!

The baby alpaca looks beautiful - and that is a great deal on it! Enjoy!!


bspinner said...

Yarn is beautiful!!!! I can completey understand why you just want to be have it near you to touch it.

Sorry about your husband's company. Sure do hope it turns around soon!!!!

Delighted Hands said...

Yes, I understand the cutback; what a lovely color for the last skein of the year!