Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas Presents

One of my goals on my vacation was to weave I wanted uninterrupted time with my loom, I got some of that not a lot but some and it was fantastic.

I started on one of the few Christmas presents I"m weaving this year. I warped my loom with 6 ft cotton chenille, 12.5 dpi Heddle and 220 warp threads later I came up with this design. I like the colors, of course they are earth tones, which is the realm I drift to. I have some jewel tones just to add spice, but really these are the colors of my SIL's house because it's going to be an afghan for her and her walls are Cafe of Lait the sectional is Espresso leather and the wood is all rich deep walnut, really how could I go wrong. I did the Brooks Bouquet lace pattern on the edges and the rest is straight tabby weave. I'm finding that this time the chenille is sticky and the warps are not lifting properly. I've added weight to the back of the loose warps and cranked it as tight as possible. Hopefully I will finish this week, and wrap it up for Christmas. I'm debating with myself about warping for a table runner for my other SIL, or maybe some place mats, but the troops at my house(actually Mr Deepend) is complaining that our place mats and dishtowels are looking ratty, so I may just skip my SIL's and do some as a gift to my kitchen.

As you can see in this close up the Brooks is done correctly this time, amazing what can be accomplished if you follow instructions, hehe..

This is the previous attempt see the difference, those little cross hairs? Yeah I know live and learn, but I like them both and who knows I may use the mock Brooks again.


Life Looms Large said...

Glad you enjoyed your staycation and extended weaving time.

Your post definitely makes me want to try some of the lace weaves that I've never tried. (I've only done one huck project thus far.)

I'm so anti-deadline that I try not to do any holiday weaving or knitting. But I admire people who do set holiday goals!


Meg in Nelson said...

The top photo is so Christmasy!!!

Delighted Hands said...

Nice big project to conquer-the colors are nice together. I think that both versions of the Brooks lace look great!

Geodyne said...

I *love* those colours. Like Meg, I thought you'd chosen them because of the Christmas connotations.

I think this will be a beautiful piece: I love the idea of a lace edge and plain weave body.