Friday, December 11, 2009

It's That Time of the Year

To figure out what got accomplished, what didn't and what are the goals for next year.

I don't make lists it's something that I hate (although hate is a strong word) to do, I've always felt it sets you up for disappointment when you don't get everything done and adds extra pressure and deadlines, which is yet another concept I loathe.

Last year I said that this year would be the year of lace knitting and it was, these were some of the results of that statement.

I figure I conquered some of my doubts and fears with lace knitting. One thing I regret this year was the lack of time I spent with my weaving loom, I only got these done.

With just one more WIP on the loom it seems that it was the year of the knitting bug.

I have a few WIP's on needles which I will finish, but this next coming year will be the year of weaving. I have a few projects in mind some practical and others just for fun. I plan to knit only at club, for any car trips and on my lunch hour. With this idea, anytime I spend at home will be in front of my loom. Since it worked last year once I made the statement of lace, I figure I'll go for broke this year and Claim the Year of Weaving.


Delighted Hands said...

I make lists all the time but they hold no power over me if I change me mind but I like the way it organizes my thoughts or goals. I like the way you summed up the year's projects-I would say you definitely conquered the lace fears!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

You made so many beautiful projects this year!

bspinner said...

You've had quite a productive year. Lace knitting isn't as hard as it looks. Just takes practice.

Anonymous said...

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