Monday, December 28, 2009

Fresh Weaving

I started warping yesterday during the sad and disappointing Dolphin's game as Mr. Deepend was screaming in his official armchair coach position, to start weaving on plain, beautifully simple place mats. It was sheer joy, I know most think plain weave is well boring but there is some comfort in the rhythm of tabby weave I can't explain it but I really truly love the monotony of the up, throw, down throw, it's calming. The warp behaved, the weft slid right through the shed it was utter happiness on my part, especially since I'd been having no luck with my previous weavings. I pickup this new yarn (more on that next post, trust me I didn't break my promise of the yarn ban) because I loved the colors, it's Bernat Handicrafter's 4 ply cotton I don't know the name at the moment, but its something Ombre, of course to me it reminded me of a cottage nestle among tall sea grass like you would see at any picturesque seaside retreat, you know the kind that costs 1.2 M steps away from the surf, yeah that one. The camera made the dusty blue almost grey in color which would be another interesting color choice with this palette. I must contemplate dying some yarn in the next year, I have some color combos in my head that I think would be interesting to put out, but one obsession at a time.

(Really doesn't that just scream beach, surf and sand)

I started weaving after an easy, effortless tie up, I was getting nervous because I had no mishaps, makes a girl doubt her abilities for a nano second.
By the end of the night I'd woven almost 18" and I was very satisfied with the results.

120- warp ends

120" warp length

7.5 dpi heddle


Delighted Hands said...

I like 'plain' weave in between more complicated projects. This is going to be perfect!

Benita said...

There is a lot to be said for tabby. I like going back to it after doing more complicated patterns. Kind of like eating crackers while tasting wine - it cleans the weaving palette.

Life Looms Large said...

Nice!! It does remind me of the summer!

I just started weaving some shadow weave after a bout of plain weave. It's funny because concentrating on 2 shuttles and varying treadling feels really hard to me all of a sudden.


Leigh said...

I love the colors. It's going to turn out very nice!

Kim said...

I want to run off to the beach now! Lovely plainweave. I like it too.