Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yarn Purchase

I broke the yarn diet, but not really since it was not money from our bank account. My mom and grandad gave me some cash for my birthday I had been searching for a 4 shaft table loom but found that some of the prices were above my meager means and so I did the next best thing, bought yarn on sale at Joann's every skein of yarn in the store had a percentage off, I was so pleasantly surprised.
Naturally Caron Spa - Acrylic Bamboo Blend -Ocean Spray I'm planning on using it for this pattern the yarn feels soft and light.

Then there was the sock yarn, I really like the way this yarn knits up.
I got the Rainbow Classic for this pattern which is a vintage shawl. I've never used this yarn before so this is an experiment to see if it goes on the approve list of yarns that don't trigger my allergies.
The Sage Aunt Lydia's are for some weaving I finally was able to find the right green to compliment some other cotton I have stashed for a table runner.

And this is the yarn I've been using for the place mats, its called Tiara Ombre, I know weird name but we don't get to choose those
although I wouldn't mind giving them suggestions.


Life Looms Large said...

Just like with any diet, being too strict can backfire. Good for you for getting what you really want for Christmas!

(I ordered yarn the day after Christmas too!!)


Delighted Hands said...

Looks like a very well balanced diet to me! Great purchases, we will be eager to see how they end up.

Anonymous said...

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Benita said...

You didn't go off your yarn diet - this is called Yarn Therapy and it is necessary for every fiber person to have regular sessions of it.

At least that is my excuse. :)