Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Key West, FL.

The day was overcast but 85 degrees F, hot , humid and definitely April in Florida. On the way down I saw this plate and just had to take a pic. Isn't it great, the hubster was just shaking his head, I know he was thinking "all this woman thinks about is fiber". Yeah I kind of do, but then again that makes me happy.

Once we got into Key West we parked, which is no easy feat, more nightmarish that I'd thought since it's off season and summer hasn't really taken off yet. We started walking around and doing the tourist sightseeing, no matter how many times I go to Key West I love to just walk around this place. This is the Harbor House circa 1886 after we walked around a bit we ran into the Drag Races 2010, um, we didn't know it was Gay Pride Weekend - everyone including the locals were just having a great time.

I have to say I really like the pink shoes it made the whole outfit work.
After the races we walked over to Tiki Tony's were patrons can write whatever they want on a dollar bill and staple it to the beams. We don't really drink during the day so the Duval Crawl was not in the plans for us. But I do hear they make really great Mojitos and Margarita's, we must get down here for a night trip. We ate at Caroline's Cafe , Mr. Deepend had blacken chicken sandwich and I had the fried fish sandwich both were tasty and filling with just the right amount of spices and sauces, wonderful place to sit under umbrellas and relax with a great lunch and cold iced tea.

Then it was off the see the historic sites, Audubon House,

Casa Cayo Hueso {ca-sa ka-yo whe-so} (literal translation House Key Bone or Key Bone House), this is the southernmost house in the USA own by a Cuban American Family since the 1930's it has been turned into a luxury B&B and restaurant, I heard both are fabulous and really expensive, maybe someday we'll treat ourselves and stay for the weekend. The architecture is really gorgeous and the view of the ocean is outstanding..

And because my hubby will be reading this post, here he is in his beloved car, our ride to the Keys. He's very fond of this car, sort of the way I feel about my fiber only his hobby is more expensive LOL..


Theresa said...

Encourage expensive hobbies when you can, it makes fiber purchases seem a pittance. Nice ride!
Such a wonderful day to have spent and I love the NH plate. Did you go seek that person out?


Thanks, I would have loved to talk to the driver, but we were in traffic behind her and I used super zoom just to get the plate.

Leigh said...

Looks and sounds like you're having a really good time. Talking about the food though is making me hungry!

Delighted Hands said...

It would be hard not to appreciate a car like that! Loved the license plate!