Monday, April 12, 2010

Mother's day is only three weeks away!! Why is this alarming, because I took my new summer purse to my mom's on Sunday and the response was seriously overwhelming nice ohhs and ahhs and I'm so talented (these are my mom and aunt's words I always think my work is never clever or talented, because as we all know we are our own worst critics I'm working on that).

Both my mom and aunt would like a purse "just" like mine. Really? I don't have anymore of the woven material, purse hardware, beads or liner. Not a problem I can buy the latter and really welcome a trip to the craft store to accomplish that bit, but weave that much material and construct two bags, and knit my cardi for my strappy dress, geez a bit daunting no?

To which my husband's fantastic solution is "Honey I think you need some stock". Ya think babe, that would be nice, he's a great person but not on that type of issue, as if I can crank the stuff out at a snap of my fingers, which by now he should have grasped that concept, but he hasn't he secretly thinks I'm Wondergirl. The only thing I planned for Mother's day was my SIL very short table runner, because it was going to be, well... easy.

Whine much lately? yeah I am whining, I need to develop a selfish weaver mantra, much like my selfish knitter's, but I love my ma and aunt and they deserve a great (see I can compliment me) handwoven bag, because without those two women I wouldn't be half the woman I am today, so suck it up and make it work. Was that Tim Gunn I just heard? Get back to torturing the Project Runway designers Tim, I don't need you in my head, go,go,go!

In other news I lost another 2 pounds - down 12 and 30 to go!! I need something chocolaty!


Meg in Nelson said...

Good for you for the weight loss, love the pic.

Yeah, husbands... I know.... Love them, but sometimes, don't listen to them. Especially where weaving is concerned. Or listen to them and then ignore some of the suggestions.

Theresa said...

LOL! See what happens when you make beautiful stuff!
Congrats on the weight loss too. Good for you.

Leigh said...

Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you! Congratulations on those 2 pounds. You're almost half way there!

Anonymous said...

Aren't Mums great? I'm glad yours is enthusiastic about your weaving, but don't turn it into pressure on yourself! I'm sure there are plenty of birthdays and Christmasses ahead.

Delighted Hands said...

I like to make things for others, too, but sometimes the deadlines are killers of creativity. Let them know you will make the purses but give yourself an open date for doing it. Congrats on the weight loss-I am stuck at this spot and can't (won't) make any progress! You are a good encouragement!

Benita said...

Congratulations on the 12 pounds!!! That is just plain awesome!! So, when are we going to get to see a status picture of you?

And that chocolate-covered strawberry is drool-worthy. YUMM!!!


Thank you all!
Benita - Honey I'm camera shy, I hate taking pics of myself, but we'll be in the Keys this weekend and I'll get someone to take a "I'm not looking into the camera shot" to post.
Cally - your right I don't really do pressure weaving I dislike deadlines as much as to do lists.
Leigh, Meg, Cyndi and Theresa - I'll keep thinking that I'm on the right track for weight loss and stuff my face with more grass umm yummy salads. LOL.. I'll learn to one day really enjoy them as much as chocolate, on second thought nah, nothing beat a great piece of chocolate, Thank you Mayans for your fine gift!

Julie said...

Congrats that's great! And it sounds like you have some work ahead of you with those purses.