Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Wonderful Gift

Dave from the Weaving Studio
sent me a very generous spinning care package and OMG can I just rave about him for the next few posts! Dave you totally rocked my spinning world to bits with your care package extraordinaire.
Loving packed was : In better detail :
100% Merino Wool Super Wash OH BOY, is this stuff soft and wonderful.
50% Silk 50% Merino, nice sheen, softer than a baby's butt.
Angelina Fiber - looks like this will be fun stuff.
Hemp - I've never seen it before so WOW interesting.
Black Merino Wool, also soft and gorgeous deep color.
Then I saw these, samples of Dave's awesome weaving and spinning skills, no doubt in his abilities to produce wonderful results from some fiber! Hand spun and woven samples with his hand spun.

This my dear friends was the Pièce de résistance, can I tell you I'm in love. This spindle is beautiful, and can it spin like a top on crack!

This is the top with a very nice laser burned tree of life motif

and the outer rim is brass filigree that is very decorative and simply gorgeous, reminds me of a Moroccan bracelet my SIL has.

I couldn't wait to spin, I took some of the 100% Merino and started the Spindle is great, spins rapid fast and I had a good run with it. My hand spun still looks lumpy and bumpy but I enjoyed this spin much more than with the other spindle. I want to try it with the alpaca and then decide if it's the fiber or the equipment, but really I know it's the operator LOL..


Carrie said...

What a great care package! That spindle is just gorgeous. It also looks like you've got plenty of fiber options to try. What fun!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

What a great package. I felt the same way when you sent the Think Pink scarf. (I secretly want to keep the scarf for myself, but no worries, I won't!)
You'll be making some great projects with that fiber very soon.

Delighted Hands said...

Generous indeed! You will be spinning this up and weaving it on your loom in no time! Have fun!

Meg in Nelson said...

Good for you, and good for Dave. The spindle alone is a gem!

Theresa said...

How wonderful! Kudos to the giver too.

Julie said...


Benita said...

Isn't Dave just the nicest person? And what lovely gifts! If you are going to learn how to spin, you might as well learn on something beautiful with something beautiful! Wonderfull!!

Leigh said...

Wow! Hurray for Dave. He's generous and has a great blog too. You will have so much fun with all these goodies.

Karen said...

what a pretty spindle. Your handspun looks great!

Acorn to Oak said...

What a sweet gift! How fun! The spindle is pretty! Happy Spinning! :-D