Friday, May 14, 2010

Inkle Weave Designing

The inkle bags are something that I really enjoy making and I can put them up for sale online. I came around to the idea that DD had planted in my head, why not, after all if they don't sell I've lost nothing, enjoyed my weaving, and expanded my skills. If they do well then that's great also, it's sort of a new attitude with my creative work, I want to do what makes me happy and for the moment this is what that is. To that end, I picked up a bunch of fat quarters that appealed to me in color and pattern. I lean towards the splotchy ones they seem very free form and laid back, although I know that they were really well planned out and not just happened, but they have a good vibe for me.
After rolling around the blogosphere, I came across this post at Weave4Fun great blog lots of info and ideas, but this post was something I wanted to try and thought it was a good exercise for me especially to pick colors for a specific fabric. I picked the fabric quarter that interested me at the moment and did the little card yarn wrap swatch (I don't know the technical name someone please let me know, I don't want to sound like a total buffoon).
The purple looks blueish on the card but not on my inkle I guess if I would have wrapped it next to the yellow it would have taken it's true hue being opposites on the color wheel. I started warping last night and hope to finish this weekend. I'm using one of Mary Atwater's draft from How to Weave on an Inkle Loom. I've change the color sequence and will add extra warp ends to get a wider band, hopefully it will look right once it's all on the loom.


Delighted Hands said...

What a clever way to chose colors. I would love to have an idea wall where things like that could be saved and posted with a pic of the end product for future reference. Gonna be beautiful!

bspinner said...

I love your little bags!!!! Also love the idea of how you're getting ideas on chosing colors.

Leigh said...

What fun! I don't know if those sample color wraps have a technical name, but they are a great way to experiment with color and stripe width, aren't they. You are going to have some fantastic bags to sell.

Theresa said...

Oh man, this post has really fired me up on the inkle loom, beautiful wrap and I love the fabrics you've chosen.
BTW, I did join up on your Rav inkle group! Thank you for pointing me to it.