Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding Gift Decision- Part II

I spoke to the bride and groom on Friday, um well nix the yarn I chose they want something very neutral, beige.... I never do anything in plain beige, it's just so...... well bland. I know it can really be beautiful if the pattern is interesting which thank God this pattern really is. Armed with this new color, I set out to find beige, do you know how hard that really is? I went to three different stores, there is white beige, cream beige, vanilla bean beige, taupe beige, caramel beige, tweed beige and the list goes on really, it's just beige. After a bit of arguing with myself ( the store clerks thought I'd lost my mind) I settled on Caron One Pound - name of the color (your gonna love this) Lace 585. I didn't know Lace had a specific color??? Oh well it didn't hurt that the giant skeins were on sale for $5.97 so I got two just in case I need some extra Lace color. The yarn is actually soft to knit with and I figure after a wash and dry should really feel nice. I'm saving the other yarn for myself there's another throw that I have my eye on.

This is a pic of the one I'm working on, this is my friend's afghan the one that started it all!
In weaving news I'm almost done with the inkle strap and I've been working on a the final project for P2P. I also came across this ad and OMG I went into cardiac arrest when I read it.. I called spoke to the nicest gentleman, who was over joyed to talk to another weaver in S. Fl imagine that he said. (we are so rare we're on the extinction list). He has a tentative buyer, should that not happen he will give me a call, talk about a bummer, but maybe the other lady won't come through but really at that price she'd be nuts. Oh well we'll keep hunting!


Delighted Hands said...

The afghan project is gonna be perfect-can you share a source for the pattern? Hope the loom works out!

Theresa said...

Oh fingers tightly crossed for you and the loom. That is a great price.
Okay, I think your bride and groom are nuts to pass up that beautiful yarn for beige and feel free to tell 'em I said so! ;-)
Good going on the inkle band. Mine has sat for a few days and I need to get back to it..I really do!

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! You're a very talented knitter! That afgan is amazing!


Delighted I emailed you the pattern link.
Theresa I'm keeping my toes crossed also.
Acorn, the afghan pic is from my knit club buddy, I'll let her you you loved it on Wednesday nite. Once I finish mine it might just look as good, I hope LOL..

Benita said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That lace afghan is stunning! Can you email the link to the pattern to me, too?