Friday, January 21, 2011

Dishtowel Specs

Left pic - unwashed 13.75" x 31"
Right pic - machine washed and dried 9.75" x 26.5"
Materials 6/2 cotton - beige
4/2 cotton - red
15 epi reed / 4 shaft waffle pattern - Mastering Weave Structures
The waffles are deep, although small in structure, the cotton is soft and absorbent. Should use a finer yarn for the hems they turn out a bit bulky after the wash.


Theresa said...

I'm always amazed at the take-up and shrinkage with waffle weave. The towels really are lovely. I'm into a red and white version of my birds eye and I like it so much, I might just do two of them!

Judy said...

Waffle weave towels have a great hand to them-so soft and three dimensional. I like your yarn choices!


The take up really was amazing, I woven them 36" long and was thinking the whole way these are big, too big and when I cut them apart I was thinking oh boy major screw up, but really they are just the right size. Mr. Deepend is
6'1" with big hand and he's in love with them, told me they're great not like cheap scrawny towels that we've bought before. So it's a win-win.

Delighted Hands said...

I don't like to use anything else, I love mine so much! I really think the red/white is beautiful on yours!

Dianne Dudfield said...

Great looking towels. I don't know anything about waffle weave but looking at the hem problem I'm wondering if its possible to do a basket weave?

Alison said...

Your towels look great. I wish I could touch them! Dianne is right, a basket weave would be good for the hems. A finer weft alone won't really do the trick because the take-up in waffle weave is so much greater than in plain weave. In basket weave, the warp ends will have a little more freedom to move and will work better with your waffle weave.