Saturday, January 22, 2011

Other than Weaving

We will have a new baby in the family soon, my niece is pregnant after some difficult miscarriages last year. Thank God the baby and her are doing well and I've started knitting for him, yes we know it's going to be a boy! He's due in July and so I'm creating some larger pieces for the winter when he'll be 5 or 6 months old. This is the baby blanket I started the pattern is from this washcloth, I just increase it to get it to baby blanket size. It's a challenging knit and keeps you very aware of your stitches, especially if your like me and lace is an issue.

While I was recovering from surgery I was also knitting this Baktus for my DD that's her lovely neck sans head as per her request. She choose the color from my stash of Caron Spa, in Ocean Spray, goes great with her green eyes, but not in this shot hehe..


Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful knitting, nice to see what you have been working on!

Theresa said...

Oh congratulations on the soon to arrive baby boy. That's a beautiful blanket and the scarf color is fantastic. :) My, you have been busy!!!!

Spinning Out of Control said...

Both pieces look great! The lace is coming out really nice.

Life Looms Large said...

That's great news about the baby boy! Your knitting is really beautiful and will be greatly appreciated I'm sure.

You asked me a while back about what breadmaker I have. I have the Zojirushi one that makes a normal shaped loaf of bread. It's expensive, but I think at some times of year or with some weird coupons my DH has been able to get a better deal on it. I know that back when we first got it, there weren't other brands that made a normal shaped loaf. I don't know if that's still true or not.

Have fun!