Friday, November 30, 2007


Today I relinquished my Yahoo group Boardknitters, although I have not been very active within the group for a while I feel as if I release it in to the wild, sort of mixed feelings there. I gave it to Graciela, who is more than capable and has been a great moderator for me. Congrats Graciela, on your new position!!!! I feel kinda free also, as if there is no responsibility any more to supervise, e-spank, correct, update etc... the group, it's wonderfully freeing. I stayed on as a member and will be visiting often.

On to other news I will be having surgery next Thursday Dec 6, 2007 for Endometrial Balloon Ablation you can get the particulars if you like on the link, so I will be out of commission so to speak for a few days.

And since this is a creative blog these are the dish towels I've been working on. This is were you can get the stitch. Since it was easy enough for me to learn I started knitting these when I went on vacation. and am about to finish the second one, I would have finished them on the trip but I ran out of yarn and refused to buy more since I have a cone at home. Yeah, it sounds kinda cheap but I really don't need anymore white cotton Peaches and Cream Yarn, since I need to get rid of what I currently own so I can buy other yarn, I know, I know--- it's a vicious cycle, but thank God you guy get me, everyone else thinks I'm nuts. Back to the dish towelsfor the white towel I cast on 50 stitches Row 1 (rs) knit, Row 2 (ws) knit one row then I started the pattern stitch for the next 8 rows, then I switch to the color yarn I used, Earthtone Color 172 and continued the stitch pattern for 18 rows, switch to the white and pattern stitch for 50 rows, switch color pattern stitch for 18 rows, switch color pattern stitch for the next 8 rows, then knit (rs) knit (ws) and bind off. The finished towel is 12" x 25" pre- wash, I'll let you know how much it shrinks. I don't know if I wrote the pattern correctly, since this is the first ever needle knit pattern I've written so if there are any mistakes please let me know. ;o)


Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Bety, you have done a wonderful job with the list and you will be sorely missed. I wish you all the best and hope your health problems are soon behind you. Stay in touch.

Leigh said...

Oh yes, we all know about the vicious yarn cycle! *grin* The dish towels are lovely. What an excellent way to use up some of that cotton 4-ply. I need to do this too. Thanks too, for the stitch link.

I pray your surgery goes well and is successful!