Friday, November 09, 2007

Yarn Dilema!!! HELP!!

I've been knitting my kimono sweater, actually I'm almost done, but I have a problem. Although I bought the yarn in the same dye lot, guess what?? it's all not the same color ARRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!! How annoying **stomping feet**!! Well since I've ranted on my own for two days and now online, I had the bright idea to ask the more experience dyers, knitters and weavers what can I do, how do I do it?? I thought I could stain the yarn with tea (which is the only way I've ever dyed anything other than RIT in the washer with really bad results), but don't know if it will work the yarn is 75% acrylic 25% wool. I'd like to keep it in the beigey realm it's in right now I have the biscuit color, but some is pinker than the other and it's through out the sweater. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

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Leigh said...

Oh my. I feel your pain! I'm sure someone can give you much better advice on this, but dyeing to match will be tough as the wool and acrylic won't take the dye the same. I'm really not sure how to dye acrylic actually. I've never dyed with tea, however.

P.S. RIT can be used with good results; just not in the washing machine. It's a union dye, which means it can be used on either cotton (plant) fibers or animal (protein) fibers. To get good results one needs to use simmering heat, which can't be done in a washer. It won't exhaust because it has two types of dye in it.