Thursday, November 01, 2007


I've been knitting a kimono style sweater inspired by a pattern I found on and a magazine sweater I saw. Well the top went as planned the bottom took a life of it's own first because the yarn did cooperate the way I wanted the lacey - cabley stitch to go and second cause I was away on a 4 hour driving trip when I started the bottom and didn't have my reference material with me ARRRGHHH!! So I made an executive decision and I started the bottom with a garter stitch for 10 rows and then the basic stockinette stitch. . Am I bored with the knitting a bit, do I need a challenge for the next project yes. So I have the front panel to finish and the back and I'll stitch it up and model it for you. I'm hoping have it completed before my trip and since that trip is an 11 hour car drive you better believe I will have my pattern, yarn and REFERENCE book with me. hehe. One thing with needle knitting that I never had with board knitting is the curl on the sides top and bottom, it makes your work look tiny and warped

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