Monday, November 26, 2007

South Carolina

Chimney Rock National Park which is in Lake Lure, NC.

The trip was wonderful, we spent the week with friends and had tons of fun and 100+ pics I'd love to share, but I'll pick only a few and post them for you all to enjoy. I for one love the change of leaves and since I don't get that here I took some really great shots of that. We also rode in a helicopter, our friend (J) is a pilot for an emergency response team in Greenville and he took us up. It was amazing, especially since hubby is terrified of flying. I bullied him into the copter and he had his first flight since he was five years old. He was so nervous, but he loved it, of course it helped that the pilot has been his friend for 20yrs + so he trusted (J) with his life as he put it, I know he's dramatic.. but I think the fear of flying is conquered, maybe now we can plan plane trips and not just car trips, which in of itself would be wonderful, I want to see the Grand Canyon so maybe I should strike while warm and fuzzy feelings are still fresh (hehe).
We went to Kings Mountain in South Carolina, had to cross North Carolina and then back to get there, yes I was confused also and I have two pics of the state line signs to prove it. We went to the living history farm and what do you think I found there, raw cotton from a turn of the century cotton gin. (Last century that is).

This bale was over 5 ft tall and 3 ft wide, just think of all the fun stuff that could be done with that!!

This pic is of the machine that was used to process the cotton.

A bird's eye view of Greenville, SC from our Helicopter ride.
Helicopter Crew.

Oh, I forgot to mention I knitted on the car trip to and from, I have finished one kitchen towel and started the second, I didn't take any pics, I will as soon as I get the second one done, with the pattern and stitch of course.

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