Monday, November 02, 2009

Completed, Hemed and Ironed Out

It's finished!! Done!! Yes (with fist gesture and all) This is Hermia five months of knitting with fingering weight and 3.5mm needles, lace pattern and top down. I'm so happy it's finished. I washed and dried it, then I killed the acrylic yarn in it with a steam iron. That helped with the picot edge which was turning on itself, but after a good steam it laid flat as a board. I love the pattern and the feel of this yarn, I bought the yarn a year ago on Ebay at an estate auction the name is Fantina and it came from Belgium circa 1975 85% acrylic 15% nylon, 2 ply, very fine and soft I used 1050 yds and have 550 left over for something else. For being lightweight it was warm as I was doing my photo shoot, I guess in 85 degree heat a sweater even a light one is going to be warm. I'm hoping we'll get a temp cool down for Thanksgiving because this is what I'll be wearing, sans shorts of course, but it did look cute with the walking shorts.. I'll keep that option open.

God I need to loose weight ;) yet another goal that will not be accomplished during the holidays, at least I'm a realist, no pressure for the next two months.

The ladies from my knit group were really impressed with the crew sock rug, and wanted me to explain just how the weaving works. They asked if I could bring my loom with me to the coffee shop, well a 32" RH loom is really not the most portable thing to carry around never mind trying to set it up at a coffee shop, not happening. So I told them about my inkle and kid loom which are portable and are basic looms to get the weaving concept across to them. I could so see a small weaving shop for people to get excited and start weaving. ::dreams that this might one day be true::

The inkle has been in various stages of un-finish for over a year. I've been working on this very painfully slow, but I was playing with Mary Atwater's How to Weave on the Inkle Loom with no goal other than to get the sequence correct. I'm going to try to finish it off at knit nite and maybe use it for straps on a tote bag, especially since Delighted Hands had a great tutorial on her plastic bag totes.

This is a Brio Kids loom, this thing is not really a loom, but a toy. I warped it and tied it up because it's small and it really is a basic tabby weave visual for them to get the weaving, I wish I could get the plastic heddle thing to not wiggle around it's just a pain to maneuver. But for explanatory purposes it will have to do.


Life Looms Large said...

Great sweater!! It looks beautiful! Congratulations!!

Every knitting group needs at least one weaver.....but I guess we do need portable looms that we can take to knitting. I sometimes take finishing work I can do by hand, but that doesn't really convert knitters into weavers, does it?


Delighted Hands said...

The sweater is just outstanding! Great accomplishment. The inkle loom will make a great strapping for tote bags-good idea!


Thank you, I thought the stockinette stitches would never end. LOL.. but I really like it.

The weaving concept for knitter's is sometime elusive, I don't know why but they just don't really get it hopefully they will this week. I'll post.

bspinner said...

What a great sweater!!!!!!!!! It's looks so nice on you!!

What a wonderful little loom. Perfect for demonstrating how to weave.

Inkle band will worked for your tote bag.

Leigh said...

I love it! Very well done indeed. And so cute. It suits you very well.