Friday, November 13, 2009

More Knitting

I started knitting My Oblique which is a great Free Knitty pattern. I took the instructions and modified them in word to only have my size and the pattern repeats I need to get it all right. I have found that for the more complex patterns and my way of comprehending them, I need to write them out row by row this ensures that I don't screw it up and saves me time from frogging and starting over, which is never fun. This one I'm knitting at lunch time and am enjoying it very much.

Another fun project I have in the works is this afghan, it's a log cabin pattern but I kept the colors the same for each square portion. I have 23 squares and need another 23 (I think) to make a comfortable ghan for me.My inspiration for this ghan was this background that I got on a Christmas card several years ago, it had a cutout of a dove with a peace branch in it's beak and through the cut out was this background and I fell in love with it instantly. So I cut it out and kept it in my idea folder until I found the Log Cabin pattern that call it's name out. It's a good stash busting project and I have enough inherited acrylic to finish up.


Benita said...

Cool bit of inspiration there. It reminds me of a round container that is supposed to be used when gifting wine, but I use it to house my water color brushes. I keep staring at that container and wondering if I can translate it into weaving. You know, knitting never even crossed my mind. :p

Delighted Hands said...

Nice knitting going on! I made a quilt very similar to the the square in a square afghan-it will be a beauty.

Life Looms Large said...

Good stuff on your needles!! The afghan is really cool!!