Friday, November 20, 2009


I finished this lacy tam. I've borrowed my daughter's a few times, (she has a store brought one) but I want my own, that I created with great yarn. The yarn is Claudia's Hand Painted 100% Merino Wool. I was so please that I didn't itch like a mad woman when I touched it, really soft springy and the colors are so vibrant. I tried to put it on my neck for a bit to see if I would itch and yes I did so the remaining skein will not be a neck warmer, but maybe some fingerless gloves.

Pattern is Spin me Right Round which is a free Ravelry download. I modified it with the top and I didn't knit the k4tog for the decreasing, but I love the way it turned out.


Life Looms Large said...

That's a gorgeous color! Plus I love how you photographed it with the plant!!


Delighted Hands said...

I love knitting these-this one is a winner!

Leigh said...

I love it! I'm on my way over to Ravelry right now.