Monday, April 21, 2008

Babies, Babies and more Babies

This beautiful baby is Abby, she's the daughter of my friend's in SC. She's all wrapped up in the blankie I made for her, such a cutie.

I had a really busy weekend DH was doing inventory cycle counts on Friday and Saturday so I was left to my own devices. I shopped on Friday evening at the AC Moore store I found, what a great place it was so organized I was almost afraid to touch stuff, but you know I did. I picked up a few items, and there was yarn on SALE!! I also did some serious weaving, knitting and I even got a chance to paint and decoupage this weekend.

I have an FO to show you, I finished the mitered baby blanket for my co-worker just in the nick of time the baby was born on Thursday, so when I went to the hospital on Saturday to see them I took this to her.

For the reverse side, since I didn't do a really good job of joining the pieces together the back was uuuuuggggglllyyyy, I knit a piece to cover that portion of the blocks and bought buttons to hold it all together, and after the washing and drying all the ugly stitches were gone, I was so glad, but next time I know better and will try a pickup technique that I have learn although mitered squares are not really something I was to revisit I didn't enjoy knitting these, maybe if I find a pattern that is knit rs, purl ws instead of this one that had knit, purl and garter stitches, for all the squares I knit I never learned the sequence.

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