Monday, April 21, 2008

Decoupage Tutorial

Some of the FO for this weekend included this project.
Decoupage has been something I've always liked to do, it fun and the results can never really be planned. I had this really pretty, deco silk screen image and always wanted to place her on canvas I thought about transferring the image and painting her, but never really got into doing it. I bought the canvas this weekend and painted it contrasting colors of what my image was to do this I use acrylic paints and mixed them as I painted on the canvas, some I mixed before hand. I use and empty Styrofoam egg crate to mix acrylics, The paint doesn't stick to the crate and I get to recycle the egg crate by washing it out, I wish I would have gotten a pic of my paints inside the crate, but you get the idea.

Then I poured some Mod Podge, which is like Elmer's glue with extra water, although I never tried that, I guess I should, covered the entire surface of the canvas and laid out my silk screen deco beauty. I squared it off and let it dry for about 15 mins or so.

After that I poured more Mod Podge and covered everything all over again, making sure my brush strokes were deliberate and thick.

At this point it really needed to dry overnight, once that was done I took some Antiquing acrylic and rubbed it all over the totally dry canvas.

Voila, finished piece of art work ready to hang and enjoy.

So what are you waiting for, go decoupage something, quick LOL...


RiverCitySTL said...

oh! I haven't decoupaged in years. (Like I need another craft to get started on!) My Grandmother was really into it in the 70's. Thanks for bringing back such sweet memories of my Grandmother with your post!

Love your decoupage art!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had fun doing it since I hadn't in a while.

Leigh said...

This is actually something I haven't tried yet. I'll go add it to my list right now! ;)