Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Organizing Projects

As you may or may not know I like to organize my projects once I know what I'm doing with what yarn , pattern or idea. So what I do is that I take the plastic zipper bags that bed linens come in when you buy them at the store and re-use those as project keepers. Yes, some folks might think it's too much work, but it keeps me on track , but most of all, the projects don't take over the house, which DH, DD and both DS's really appreciate. There nothing like waking up in the middle of the night and tripping over a box of chenille yarn that was next to the loom that was pulled into the middle of the room to be worked on, that you accidently stubbed your toe while trying to get to the kitchen for a glass of water, *guilty smirk*, so it keeps the peace and the house in order.

My projects usually start this way, then I pick the bag that my project will fit in and stuff it with all the ingredients needed to make the project.
So then for the eyeglass purse I took, my woven fabric, my marking pencil, glue, purse frame, flannel lining and thick interface. I also stuck the charms I wanted for the loop and the CD with the purse instructions I got from U-handbag

The final outcome is this package that I put on the shelf so when I get ready to do it, everything is at hand.

When it's yarn and knitting instructions, I make a copy of the instructions and put in the yarn, needles, stitchmarkers and whatever else needs to go into that project in the bag. Everyone in my house knows that zippered plastic bags go to mom, so whenever anyone comes home with one, they get donated to the craft shelves.

So there's my anal rententive summary for the week LOL. But really if it helps one person then it was worth the blog post, and possible eyerolls.


Leigh said...

That is an excellent idea. Too often I just try to remember what I want to do with a particular yarn or pattern. Trouble is, too often I end up forgetting.

temptressyarn said...

These bags are a life saver, aren't they? I collect them from all my friends. When I plan to spin an unusual or artsy yarn, I'll put my batts in there, the plying thread, any embellishments or beads that will go into the skein. Then I'm ready to go when I'm looking for a project. Great minds think alike. :)

bspinner said...

I've used your idea for a knitting tote. Thanks for sharing.