Thursday, April 24, 2008

Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition - Scarf #1

I warped my loom for the Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition that Meg is putting together follow the link and you too can join.

I bought the chenille yarn and I thought it would be good to give it a try. Warping with it was fine, worked out some kinks, figured out why I was having issues and accomplished the task with out a hitch, of course I didn't warp the entire width just the required 6" or so.

I started with plain weave and soon found out that this stuff is sticky, there is no throwing the shuttle and catching it at the other end, it gets stuck in midstream. This really is not a problem cause I can nudge it through. But when it came to the leno lace I was putting in, well now that's another story all together.

Getting the hand manipulated twist was, shall we say "challenging" and as a result I don't like the look of it. I thought since these colors remind me of a rugged log cabin/flannel shirt, some lace would be unexpected, and it is, in concept but not in actuality. The ends look really sloppy and the leno twists are not as twisted as I would like, so I will unravel it back to the leno starting point and well, start over. I'm going to try something different and see if I can accomplish the delicate/rough balance I'm trying to convey. If I don't get the balance then It's going to be a plain weave color exploratory.

I'm using the same sequence in the weft colors as I did in the warp and do like the look of that so that will definately stay.


Leigh said...

Well, from here it looks pretty nice. :)

Meg in Nelson said...

Gee, great head start!! I'm still trying to get my act together over here.


Thank you ladies. Meg if I didn't start I would my butt in gear so I warped this one and now since I've been weaving I'm getting new ideas, this is always the case with me, same with knitting.

Vee said...

I just found your blog...Your scarf looks really good, I love the colours. I'll be checking out the link you provided.

bspinner said...

I love your choice of warm fall colors. Chenille - what a great yarn for your scarf.