Monday, April 07, 2008

Windows, afghans & UFO's

I cut off my weaving with much pain, but I could not get my warp to un-tighten itself. As I was in the process of doing this my realtor called, and had buyers that were coming to see the house. I was changing out my master bath, with new rugs, shower curtain and details, but I had forgotten about the window treatment, so in a pinch guess what made it into the bathroom?? Yeah I know it's short all around but in a pinch it worked!

I have gotten this far in my stash busting afghan, it's roughly 36" wide and I'm only on the fourth row, since this will be a Christmas present I'm not really pressed for time, this is what I take along to doctor's office visits, which lately seem to be one every week , since I've memorized the pick up and turns it's relatively an easy knit. I can't believe that I learned this only a few weeks ago, really neat stuff!! I also have learned that I'm definitely a earth tone yarn collector, no bright colors, harsh colorways, just natural tones.

I have currently four knitting UFO's which I'm not proud of owning that many, but I've been told that for knitters that is normal. My dilemma is if I weave, I don't knit and if I knit I don't weave. I'm seriously considering quitting work so I can stay home and do my thing, the trick is work pays for the supplies and then some LOL. Ahhh one can dream can't they?
I hope you have a wonderful Monday.


skiingweaver said...

I love that it's a woven knitted structure, how cool. :) I have so many (knitted) UFOs that I sometimes find one I had completely forgotten about... LOL!

Meg in Nelson said...

I'm not going to press you, but I say, you are ready to join our our exhibition if you'd like. Inspired by you, I'm thinking of a Rigid Heddle piece with a lot of hand-manipulation as a possibility.