Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Reluctant Model

This is my DD, as you can tell she doesn't like to model. But she does love her new sweater, which I'm glad she does because once again I'm not happy with the pattern.
She is, as you can clearly see a XS or S, I choose the S so that if she wanted she'd have some room to layer, well the S body fits me except for the upper arms, mine are too chunky! What am I? L or XL, I measured, did the gauge swatch, pick the correct yarn and needles, but yet, the elusive correct size is evading me. Another little mishap was the collar it was too open a V neck I had to crochet a loop and put in a button, which was a cute addition, and it helped to keep it from rolling down her shoulders. The positive was that it was an easy knit and it went by rather quickly. I want to knit myself one and will use the M size and open the arm holes larger, I will also not open the collar so far down although I like the button idea. If your inclined to try it, here is the pattern.
My LYS has a class on how to properly fit patterns to your or anyone else's body type, I think that's the next class I will sign up for, hopefully I can learn to design my own patterns.


Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, what a cutie. I'm she positively hated being photographed, but you can let her know she brought smiles to so many faced today, especially considering your last post!

(I can't knit, so I'm not sure about the sweater, tho.)

RiverCitySTL said...

I love your DD sweater, and I also love her adorable hair style! I am hoping to be ready to knit myself a sweater this fall, I'm also going to take a sweater class which will help me make sure it fits me.