Friday, April 25, 2008

Recycle and Re purpose

What do you get when you mix a used bath scrubby, a bread bag tie, and yarn?

If you live n my house, the used bath scrubby gets washed in the washer and hung to dry, then taken apart and cut it to store knitting yarn, as in the pic below. This idea came to me as, I'm notorious for getting commercial skeins knotted and tangled from the wrong end as I start knitting that end always seems to undo itself, although I can sit and un-do my mess I rather not, so in comes the netted scrubby.
I cut the length to fit the skein tie two knots at one end put the skein in and leave the other end open for the working yarn to flow through.

For the bread bag ties, well those get used as yarn bobbins, they work like a dream. This is something else the kids know that doesn't get tossed out, but into mom's craft draw. I got this idea from some magazine long ago, I wish I would have kept the article, but I didn't so I give credit where it do for the idea, but I sure got use out of it. Recycle and re purpose.

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Marlene said...

I use bread ties for my yarn tails if they are extra long and I want to keep them intact for seam sewing.

I also use a similar idea for holding the yarn skeins/centre pull balls together, except mine is made from an old nylon stocking.

I use snippets of plastic straws as well. Those make awesome stitch markers that don't get in the way.