Monday, April 28, 2008

No pics for you!

I've finished the Exhibition scarf, but can't show you a pic. I'm still knitting the baby cardi, but forgot to take a pic. So what is this post about, well, it's Monday and I've been all over the blogs and have found two from Peg's list that I want to share with you in case you don't read Peg's and since I have no pics for you, I figured I can give you some eye candy from elsewhere.

The first is a Finland weaver, with the most beautiful weaving, simple but very striking just a wonderful blog,which I totally enjoyed. Then from her blog I got to this Brazilian weaver so many interesting pieces, I fell in love with the wall hangings and my creative juices are starting to buzz around, I loved the weaving, but what really struck me is the framing of it. So simple and complimentary to the pieces, just beautiful. There is some sisal rug burning technique that I need to translate, but really interesting.

One more blip in my scattered form of writing today, does anyone know where I can find an inkle loom that won't break the bank, below $50.00 would be great, thanks... :) (well not really so scattered this would pertain to the wall hanging nugget from above)

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Trudi said...

Hi Bety,

I have one of these and I love it. :-) It's solid, works wonderfully and the seller ships quickly.

Weave On,